Cin?ma de notre temps: Takeshi Kitano, l'impr?visible
Having previously made two such documentaries on Abbas Kiarostami and Alain Cavalier, and in conjunction with making Tokyo Eyes, where Kitano played a minor role, Limosin used the opportunity to interview Kitano for this documentary.

In English, "the unforeseeable one", Limosin shows how the various aspects of Kitanos art (painting, writing, filmmaking and comedian) all affects the other and how Kitano carries elements of his other art over into his films, explains Kitanos motifs, themes and method. [more]
Jam session (Jam session - Kikujiro no natsu koshiki kaizokuban)
A documentary about the shooting of Kikujiro. [more]
Scenes by the Sea: Takeshi Kitano
A portrait of Kitano Takeshi made for British Television. [more]
A look at the life and work of Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and his impact on Japanese culture. [more]