The Crime of Kiyoshi Okubo (Okubo Kiyoshi no Hanzai)
An account of real life serial killer Okubo Kiyoshi, played by Kitano. [more]
The Ark of Jesus (Iesu No Hakobune)
An account of real life cultleader Jesus Sengoku, played by Kitano, who had a bible study group in form of a self-sufficient community, where a lot of young women were drawn to. Despite them being were happy, their parents accused Sengoku for brainwashing and kidnapping their daughters and thru the press it turned into a huge scandal. [more]
Zoku Takeshi-kun Hi!
Based on the autobiographical novel "Takeshi-kun Hai!" by Kitano, this was a 15 part mini-series from NHK. [more]
The 47 Ronin (Chusingura)
The story of the 47 ronin, this was a TV christmas special made by TBS (Channel 6 in Tokyo metropolitan area), starring Kitano in the lead role. [more]
Kim's War (Kim No Senso)
Kitano plays Kim Hui Ro, a real life Korean imigrant, who after shooting a gangster who threathend his life, took refuge at a hotel and took the guest hostages. Realising his position, he invited the press inside and explained why he was driven to his crime, before letting himself being arrested. [more]
Persuasion (Settoku)
Kitano plays a Jehova?s Witness, who comes face to face with the decision wheater or not to save his dying son by letting him recieve blood. [more]
The story of one century (Hyaku-nen no monogatari)
In three one feature lenght episodes, it tells the stories of 3 women in 3 different eras: Taisho (1912-1926), Showa (1926-1988) and Heisei (1988-). [more]
Kikujiro and Saki (Kikujiro to Saki)
Based upon Kitano's autobiographical account of his childhood, it tells several small stories about Kikujiro (his father) and Saki (this mother). [more]
Asakusa Kid (Asakusa Kid no)
Based upon the autobiographical book by Kitano Takeshi, it tells the story of Kitano and his time in Asakusa. [more]
Based upon the novel by Yoshikawa, it tells the story of the rebelling teenager Takezo, who after the battle of Sekigahara, begins his journey towards mastering zen and the sword under the name Musashi. [more]
Kayo Suspense Gekijo 2 Kichiku
Second part of the mini-series Kayo Suspense Gekijo, based on the crime thillers of Matsumoto Seicho. [more]
Points and Lines (Ten to sen)
Two bodies are found on the beach. One was Sayama, a government official in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, who was a suspect in an ongoing bribery case and the other was Otoki, a waitress at a Tokyo ryotei restaurant. The Hakata Police determine the two had succeeded in a double suicide but Detective Torikai who's nearing retirement isn't convinced. [more]