Getting Any?
Production company: Office Kitano (1994)
Director: Kitano Takeshi
Producer: Mori Masayuki, Nabashima Hisao, Yoshida Takio, Tsuge Yasushi
Script: Kitano Takeshi
Cinematography: Yanagishima Katsumi
Editor: Oota Yoshinori, Kitano Takeshi
Score: Horiuchi Senji, Koike Hidehiko
Sound: Horiuchi Senji
Production Design: Isoda Norihiro
Costumes: Iwasaka Fumio
Actors: Minoru Iizuka, "Beat" Takeshi, Dankan, Tokie Hidari, Shouji Kobayashi, Susumu Terajima
Duration: 110 minutes
Premiere: 1995-02-11
Notes: The original title, Minn?-yatteruka, means "Is everyone getting any (sex)?".

Having reached the first stage of understanding cinema, Kitano felt he had to do something drastic and destructive. With "Sonatine" he had reached the end of one, the first, road and felt that he had to break free and begin all over in a new directors. In what Kitano later describes as a suicide attempt, he wanted not only to break free, but also make fun not only of him self, but also of Japanese cinema as a whole.

However they may be other reasons for "Getting Any?". Kitano was very self destructive during this period, even shocking himself. The failure of commercial succes in Japan with "Sonatine", the failure of being regarded as a serious actor, may have forced Kitano to such an extreme, that he would commit artistic "suicide". In an interview Kitano actually draws parallels to Kurosawa, who, in the hindsight of Kitano, should have made a total bullshit film, instead of attempting suicide after "Dodes Kaden". To Kitano, "'Getting Any?' is a beautiful disastrous failure and "suicide".

An extension of the "artistic suicide" would be, that Kitano had thought: If they only laugh at me, I'll give them something to laugh about. This is supported in another interview, where Kitano says, "...this film is a film made by a comedian to make fun of himself... Here, I did anything I wanted, and strung the gangs together crudely... After making it, I had an accident. I nearly died. People who saw the film saw the accident that was about to happen. So it?s also a precognitive film."

So it is really more a film by "Beat" Takeshi than Kitano Takeshi, in the sense, that it is incoherent, crude, immature and authority defiant to the point of defying even his own persona.

Asao thinks of nothing else than getting laid. The problem just is, that he has no idea how to attract a woman. When he wakes up from a dream, where a beautiful woman made love to a man, because he had a great car. Asao rushes to a car dealer, asking for a car "that is great to have sex in". But reality and more important his financial situation, doesn't get him laid.

Depressed that this dream didn't work in real life, he eyes a jumbo jet. Quickly he imagines a first class passenger getting sex from a stewardess. But since a first class ticket costs money, and Asao just spend all his on a crappy car, that was crushed by a truck, he rationalises, that he has to rub a bank to get money. But how to do that?

Shit happens when you cant see

To rob a bank, he needs a gun, so Asao goes to Okinawa and gets work at a gun factory and steals a gun, then failing be a bank robber, reality hits him again. But only for so long, that his mind begins to make up schemes to get laid again. This time as a famous actor. Only landing a job as bit actor, he is determined to make himself know and constantly interrupts filming by drawing attention to himself. By stupid luck, he fumbles his way into a leading role as a blind swordsman, but fails yet again, as he, while having his eyes closed, grabs the manure scoop as a sword. Constantly failing to succeed, he undertakes his journey to get laid as a treasure hunter, a drug dealer, a hit man for the yakuza, an invisible man and finally, as a human fly, before getting killed munching a huge pile of shit.

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