Different Original Soundtracks of Zatoichi

Title: Zatoichi - Original Sound Track
Country: Japan
Release date: 2003-09-03
Composer: Keiichi Suzuki (Moon Riders)
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Etailer: [suggested etailer]
1. A road to a post-town
2. Firewood chopping and a farmer who wants to be a Samurai
3. Ginzo's first command
4. The Naruto-Ya rice merchant
5. The Gambling house massacre
6. The Wasteland massacre and the reminiscence of the Geisha
7. A House on fire and massacres all over
8. Constructors
9. O-Kagura
10. Zatoichi showdown
11. Festival
12. A Road to a post-town (alternative)
13. Ginzo's first command (alternative mix)
14. A House on Fire (arranged by Keeichi Suzuki)
15. Trailer