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  • Biito [Yahoo Group]
    The number one group about Kitano online. A very dedicated messege board and portal to other sites. Created and administated by Henrik Sylow.

  • Fireworks: 'Beat' Takeshi Kitano [rogueshadows . org]
    A BBS dedicated to discussion Kitano. Also has an English speaking forum.

  • JMDB - Kitano [japanese movie data base]
    A complete list of all acting and directing of Kitano. Very detailed production lists. [In Japanese]

  • Joe Hisaishi [joe hisaishi . com]
    The official Joe Hisaishi website. Extremely detailed and informative, with diary, fanclub, bbs and of course information of his work. [In Japanese - Requires Flash]

  • Joe Hisaishi [joe hisaishi . net]
    A very resourceful French fansite about composer Joe Hisaishi, with a small section dedicated to the collaboration between Hisaishi and Kitano. Created and hosted by Romain Dasnoy, aka Yaku. [In French]

  • Kitano Fan Club
    A dedicated fansite by some really hardcore italian fans.

  • Office Kitano [office kitano . co . jp]
    The official Website for Kitano's production company. [In Japanese] 

  • Shoko Kitano
    A little neat fansite about Shoko Kitano, the daughter of Kitano Takeshi. Created by Kirari.

  • Takeshi Kitano
    A German fansite about Kitano, with reviews, profiles and a biography. Created by Axel. [In German]

  • Takeshi Kitano
    A Spanish forum about Kitano Takeshi.

  • Takeshi Kitano []
    A little Italian fansite about Kitano, with biography and news. Created by Greg Feruglio. [In Italian]

  • Takeshi Kitano [idenshi]
    A very detailed Japanese site about Kitano, with updates about both TV, books and just about everything else Kitano is associated with. Part of the news section is translated into English. Hosted by Idenshi. [In Japanese]

  • Takeshi Kitano []
    A nice little fansite about Kitano, with good reviews of his films, interviews, biography, book reviews and an approch towards the style of Kitano. There also is a guestbook and an Italian speaking forum. Hosted by Francesco Ganassin. [In Italian]

  • Takeshi Kitano [takeshi kitano . net]
    A great fansite about Kitano, with pictures of just about anything involving Kitano and with transcripts of all printed French articles and interviews. Also has a French speaking forum. Created and hosted by Martin Lang, aka Garion. [In French]

  • Yohji Yamamoto [yohji yamamoro . co . jp]
    The official website of Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Very informative about his designs, but nothing about his collaboration with Kitano. [In Japanese - Requires Flash]

  • Mark Schilling's Tokyo Ramen
    Mark Schilling's personal website dedicated to his own work, mainly the reviews and articles he has written over his many productive years.