Kitano retrospective in London
Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 14th and 15th of November, there will be a retrospective of Kitano at the Barbican in London, as part of their Aspects of Japanese Cinema program.

The retrospective will show Hana-Bi, Brother, Dolls and Zatoichi.

For more details please check out Barbican - Kitano.

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Sequel to Outrage
Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Not quiet satisfied with how it turned out, Kitano is reported to preparing a sequel to his latest film Outrage.

In an interview, Kitano said, "We just about made an interesting film. But if I analyze it carefully then I'd just about give it a pass mark. My own rating would be 60%, so I'm aiming for Outrage 2, to make something more entertaining."

Another reason may be, that Outrage is Kitanos biggest box-office hit since Zatoichi, having earned over 750 million yen domestic so far.

Outrage 2 is planned to premiere fall of 2011.

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Outrage on DVD and Blu-Ray
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kitano's latest movie Outrage will be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray, December 3rd, 2010.

There will be three different ways to pick it up. First, the DVD, which will be in 1.85:1 (16x9) aspect ratio, with 5.1 Dolby Digital Japanese sound, and both English and Japanese subtitles. As additional material, there will be trailer, TV spot and cast interviews. The DVD is locked for Region 2 (NTSC).

The Blu-Ray will be similar as the dvd, with the exception of better sound, 5.1 HD DTS and Liniar PCM Japanese, and, according to etailers, Region Free.

The third and final option will be a Limited Edition of a 2 DVD plus Blu-Ray. The DVD and Blu-Ray will most likely be identical with the above mentioned. The seconds DVD contains the cast talking about the film, a making-of feature, a documentary about Outrage at the Cannes Film Festival, and event footage.

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Kitano most influential person in Japan
Friday, July 30, 2010

Based on over 26,000 votes from 8 different websites, Kitano Takeshi was voted the most influential person in Japan today.

Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, July the 29th, that according to an Internet survey released by Sankei News Thursday, Kitano had been voted the most influential person in Japan, ahead of prime minister Kan Naoto and baseball player Suzuki Ichiro.

There is no mentioning on what websites participated, what population segment their users belongs to, or, for that matter, what Kitano himself thinks about the ranking.

Henrik Sylow | Source: Wall Street Journal
Kitano at his best with Outrage
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Following the screenings yesterday of Outrage, the reviews are quite positive. While even fans were leaving screenings of his previous three films, Outrage had them seated to the very end and leaving with huge smiles and two thumbs up.

Maggie Lee of THR.Asia calls Outrage, "...arguably his best film in a decade" and continues "Cleansed of his pretentious navel-gazing in recent years, it burst with the direct cinematic power of his early works.", and Todd Brown of Twitch opens his review with the statement "Takeshi Kitano is back." continues with "Kitano directs one of his most direct and most violent pictures here." and concludes "...his best since Zatoichi and one which stands comfortably beside both Sonatine and Fireworks to create a trio of truly iconic international crime films."

Kitano himself is more reserved about his film. In the press conference he said, "My film directorial career has been nothing but repetition of one failure after another! But for me the film ended up not too bad and I definitely think it's a controversial movie.", and about why he chose to make a violent Yakuza film, Kitano said, "I thought it would be as good a time as any to tackle the violent film again. But if I were to repeat the same old, same old, it wouldn't be too exciting, it would just be boring."

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Outrage at Cannes
Thursday, May 06, 2010

Widely reported in numerous websites and publications the last month, Takeshi Kitano's 15th film Outrage will participate in the S?lection Officielle Comp?tition at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Outrage will be shown for an invited audience at the Grand Th??tre Lumi?re on Monday, May the 17th, at 12.00 and 22.15 CET respectively.

Kitano originally turned his back to the Cannes Film Festival after certain circumstances regarding Kikujiro, but returned somewhat in 2007 with the short film Une Belle Joun?e, which was part of the anniversary film Chacun son Cinema, where 33 of the worlds greatest filmmakers each participated with a short film to celebreate the Cannes Film Festival. But now Kitano is back as a director in the official competition, alongside other major auteurs such as Abbas Kiarostami, Mike Leigh and Bertrand Tavernier, who will compete for the Palme d'Or.

Outrage also marks a return to Kitano's directorial roots and a new chapter for him as auteur, as he with Akiresu to Kami ended his "autobiographical" trilogy, and not since Zatoichi has there been so much buzz surrounding a Kitano film on the international scene.

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Kitano awarded Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres
Thursday, March 18, 2010

During the galla opening of the Kitano exhibition Gosse de peintre at the Fondation Cartier in Paris on March the 9th, Kitano was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres (Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters), the highest artistic accolade by French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand.

As part of his award speech, Mitterand said about Kitano, "You are not a man of one single film nor one single style, much less one single face."

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Kitano par Kitano
Saturday, February 20, 2010

February the 24th, a new book about Kitano will be released by ?ditions Grasset & Fasquelle.

Kitano par Kitano (Kitano on Kitano) appears to be a biographical discours written by Kitano, based on interviews by the French journalist Michel Temman. The book covers both his life, his films, and - for the first time - his personal views on humanitarian commitment to Africa as well as his pessimistic view of contemporay Japan.

The book is in French and can be bought over Amazon (France).

For more details on the book, please check out the catalogue of ?ditions Grasset & Fasquelle

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Gosse de Peintre Exhibition of Kitano
Sunday, January 31, 2010

Famous throughout the world for his films, Takeshi Kitano also commands an enormous popularity in Japan, where he is known as Beat Takeshi. An outstanding personality, he is a star actor, TV presenter, comedian, musician, singer and poet. From March 11 through September 12, 2010, the Fondation Cartier gives home to a special exhibition by Beat Takeshi Kitano, according to a press release received by Elite Traveler.

Conceived as a site-specific installation for the Fondation Cartier, Gosse de peintre presents an unexpected and captivating world in which the magical memories of childhood take center stage. Entering the funhouse, the visitor encounters an array of whimsical machines, fantastic creatures and strange objects, as well as paintings, films and TV clips.

Published in conjunction with Gosse de peintre, this catalogue offers a glimpse into the world of Kitano. Drawings of objects designed by Kitano, as well as installation blueprints and paintings by the artist describe the axis of this singular exhibition. ?I wanted to give another definition to the word ?art? ? less conventional, less snobby, more relaxed and accessible to everyone,? Kitano says in the catalogue.

The Fondation Cartier?s exhibition Gosse de peintre will coincide with the French release of Kitano?s most recent film Achilles and the Tortoise and as well as with an important retrospective of his films organized by the Centre Pompidou from March 11 to June 21, 2010.

Henrik Sylow | Source: Founation Cartier
Outrage Trailer released
Saturday, January 30, 2010

Office Kitano has released the trailer for Kitano's next film Outrage. Something quiet interesting about the trailer is the showing of the Warner Brothers logo before the Office Kitano logo, which may suggest a wider release than the previous three films by Kitano.

Henrik Sylow | Source: Office Kitano